Home Remodeling Project: Siding and Fascia Replacement

Another quality energy efficient makeover for a homeowner in Abington, PA. The homeowner liked the color of the old aluminum siding, but wanted to replace the old, banged-up aluminum siding with brand new CertainTeed® Monogram™ vinyl siding.

Besides the dings and dents that come with old aluminum siding, the seams were also really starting show. Not only are gaps at the seams unattractive, but they’re also wasting energy. You really want a tight seal to further insulate the home, which is not only important in the winter—but the summer as well!

A major benefit of installing new vinyl siding—besides the improved look—is the increased energy efficiency. To really take advantage of that, we provided a solid foundation by spraying foam insulation around all the windows and doors, replacing old rotten plywood sheeting, and wrapping the home in a breathable, waterproof membrane—Typar® Homewrap™.

After we prepared the home, we installed CertainTeed® Monogram™ Oxford Blue-colored vinyl siding, while replacing the home’s old fascia with a nice clean, white vinyl—the perfect accent for light blue vinyl siding.

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Vinyl Siding Installation (After)


Home Remodeling: Vinyl Siding, Gutters, and More!

As we began the project, we removed the home’s old, dingy siding, rundown soffit, beat-up fascia, and damaged gutters. After we removed and disposed of the old materials, we started the prep work by replacing the plywood sheeting of the exterior walls and wrapped them in a breathable, waterproof membrane—Typar® Homewrap™.

When we replaced the plywood and completed the prep work, we began replacing the home’s old siding with CertainTeed’s® Carolina Beaded™ granite gray-colored vinyl siding. Designed to emulate freshly painted wood, this premium vinyl siding is as durable as it is beautiful.

Vinyl Siding Before Installation

With this quality vinyl siding, the family can look forward to lower monthly utility bills and, best of all, the homeowner will never have to paint their home ever again!

While replacing the old siding was the major project, we also took the opportunity to replace the home’s soffit and fascia:

We added heavy-gauge aluminum fascia around the home’s windows and doors—wrapping them with superior protection and ensuring there’s no leaks!

We also replaced the old soffit underneath the roof’s overhang with premium CertainTeed® vinyl soffit.

Lastly, we overhauled the entire home’s water management system by adding K-style, seamless gutters (with hidden fasteners) and also installed downspouts angled out away from the home. By installing the gutters and downspouts we streamlined the drainage process to help protect the home’s foundation from water damage and soil erosion.

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Vinyl Siding Installation


Home Remodeling: Giving a Home a Facelift

We’re proud of this recent project by NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling in Ambler, PA. At first glance, you might think the home was rundown and in bad shape. But the problems with the home weren’t structural—the home was still in good condition. The problems were largely cosmetic and easily fixable. All it needed was a little TLC.

Assessing the job, we were quick to notice that the roof, although dirty and mildewed, was still in good condition—a huge relief to the homeowner. A quick, soft pressure wash solved this problem. But the other problems weren’t solved as easily.

The home’s aluminum siding, for example, was very old, mangled, and falling off part of the garage. The home’s soffit and fascia were worn-out and needed replacing, as well as the old, porous gutters, and the outdated, inefficient exterior doors. Basically, the home needed a complete makeover. But that’s the fun part!

Stone Veneer Installation

Preparing the home for new vinyl siding, we tore down the old, mangled aluminum siding, replaced the rotted plywood sheeting, and wrapped the home in waterproof, Typar Home Wrap®.

After the prep work, we installed brand new CertainTeed® Monogram® light maple vinyl siding, and accentuated it with cream colored cedar impression vinyl siding around the gable ends.

We also installed new vinyl soffit, as well as new light maple heavy gauge aluminum fascia around all the doors and windows. Around the front of the home, we also removed the old brick siding and replaced it with Ledgestone Bucks County Gray stone veneer.

The old gutters were in horrendous condition. Matching the vinyl siding and home’s fascia and soffit, we replaced them with light maple, K-style seamless gutters.

The end result is a home to be proud of!

Home Remodeling Project (After)

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