Traditional Home Renovation | Philadelphia, PA

Not every home needs a modern design. Some of the best home remodels use classic, traditional styles. This remodeling job we performed for a homeowner looking for a remodeling contactor in Philadelphia, PA is a perfect example.

Before we could begin installing new CertainTeed vinyl siding, we had to remove the home’s old stucco siding. Stucco, while an okay insulator and cost efficient, is a really poor design choice. We often get asked by home owners to either remove their stucco siding or simply install vinyl over the old stucco.

This particular homeowner just wanted their old stucco gone and something nicer installed in its place. No problem. The homeowner opted for two different siding options both from CertainTeed: Cedar Impressions and Mainstreet, both in the Board & Batten style, one vertical oriented and the other one horizontal.

Both styles are available in the same colors—26 beautiful options. For this classic remodel, the homeowner opted for Colonial White, a traditional color for a traditional remodel.

The Benefits of Premium Vinyl Siding

Opting for budget vinyl siding is always a bad idea. While the initial installation may look nice, you’ll very quickly realize the downsides of a quick and easy fix.

For example, vinyl siding gets an immense amount of sun exposure. When you opt for a cheap product, you’re getting what you pay for: Limited durability amd shortened lifespan, which leads to cracks in the material and major headaches in the future.

CertainTeed vinyl siding, on the other hand, is a premium product. You don’t have to worry about it cracking from exposure to the sun. While you’re paying for a more expensive product, the quality is that much better. You’ll also save money in the long run because you won’t have to replace your home’s siding as often.

There are other benefits as well, like the fact that it’s maintenance free. You don’t have to worry about painting your home again–saving you a great deal of time and money.

You’ll also save money on utility builds with increased energy efficiency.

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