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Nexgen Exterior Home Remodeling - Home - After Siding - Flat Roof Abington

Extensive Exterior Home Remodel | Abington, PA

Large-scale remodeling projects are some of our favorite jobs for one simple reason: With a such large amount of work being done, it allows us to create a uniformed style that really complements each other. We were fortunate enough to complete a large-scale remodeling job for a homeowner in Abington, PA.

Nexgen Exterior Home Remodeling - Home - Stucco Siding - After - Abington PA

Vinyl Siding Installed Over Stucco | Abington, PA

Most vinyl siding jobs are for homes with wooden exteriors, but it’s also possible to install vinyl siding over other home exteriors, like stucco, for example. We recently did a job like this for a homeowner in Abington, PA.

Nexgen Exterior Home Remodeling - Home - After Siding Abbington

Three Reasons to Install new Vinyl Siding

With spring right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about home remodeling projects. One of the best remodeling projects is also one of the cheapest—vinyl siding. The benefits of vinyl siding far outweigh the cost.

Vinyl Siding over Stucco (Before 1)

Home Siding Project: Vinyl Siding over Old Stucco | Oreland, PA

As home remodeling experts we’re always intrigued by unique jobs that make use of our extensive knowledge and skills. Take this vinyl siding job for a homeowner in Oreland, PA, for example.

Chalfont, PA - Before 1

Vinyl Siding, Energy Efficient Windows, and Seamless Gutters | Chalfont, PA

Here’s a look at a recent large-scale project for a homeowner in Chalfont, PA. We’re proud of the job we did for the homeowner. Replacing the old asbestos siding, inefficient windows, rotted fascia, and outdated gutter system—in short, we gave a solid, but old home the facelift it desperately needed.

The results speak for themselves.

Vinyl Siding Installation (Before)

Home Remodeling Project: Siding and Fascia Replacement | Abington, PA

Another quality energy efficient makeover for a homeowner in Abington, PA. The homeowner liked the color of the old aluminum siding, but wanted to replace the old, banged-up aluminum siding with brand new CertainTeed® Monogram™ vinyl siding.

Before Vinyl Siding Installation

Home Remodeling: Vinyl Siding, Gutters, and More! | Abington, PA

As we began the project, we removed the home’s old, dingy siding, rundown soffit, beat-up fascia, and damaged gutters. After we removed and disposed of the old materials, we started the prep work by replacing the plywood sheeting of the exterior walls and wrapped them in a breathable, waterproof membrane—Typar® Homewrap™.

Home Remodeling (Before)

Home Remodeling: Giving a Home a Facelift | Ambler, PA

We’re proud of this recent project by NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling in Ambler, PA. At first glance, you might think the home was rundown and in bad shape. But the problems with the home weren’t structural—the home was still in good condition. The problems were largely cosmetic and easily fixable. All it needed was a little TLC.


For years, NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling has been helping homeowners update, redesign, or transform their homes into ones they can enjoy for years to come. Take a look at some of our most recent exterior renovation work by our experts.


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