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Most vinyl siding jobs are for homes with wooden exteriors, but it’s also possible to install vinyl siding over other home exteriors, like stucco, for example. We recently did a job like this for a homeowner in Abington, PA.

A few things change when installing vinyl siding over stucco, however. To start, you can’t just attach vinyl siding directly to the old stucco. This would cause major problems. When installing vinyl siding, you need to keep the nails out a little bit—you can’t “send them home.” That’s why you hand nail vinyl siding as opposed to using a nail gun. It requires finesse.

To work around this problem, we install furring strips directly to the old stucco. These small strips of wood provide a strong foundation for a vinyl siding installation. We’re able to attach these with a gun (without having to worry about nail depth). We install these every 16-inches around the house, which are similar to wall studs.

Attaching Rigid Foam Insulation Board

Vinyl Siding over Stucco - Abington, PA - BEFORE 1After the furring strips are secured, we then install rigid foam insulation board. While not necessary on all vinyl siding jobs, insulation board is phenomenal at insulating your home. If you’re interested in vinyl siding for energy efficiency reasons, we highly recommend it.

On top of the insulation board, we then install a water barrier: Typar® HomeWrap®. Homewraps are permeable, water-proof membranes which prevent external water from entering while also allowing internal moisture to pass through it. Typar HomeWrap, the best homewrap on the market, also provides extra energy efficiency.

Before we began installing the vinyl siding, we installed new storm doors–Andersen 3/4 Light Ventilating storm doors. These quality storm doors have weatherstrips around the top, bottom, and the sides, ensuring there are no drafts and improving energy efficiency. They also come with easily retractable insect screens, for use during spring and summer.

Installing the Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding over Stucco - Abington, PA - BEFORE 2With the foundations laid, we can then begin installing the vinyl siding. Like all of our vinyl siding jobs, we highly recommend CertainTeed® Monogram® vinyl siding. With an ideal thickness of .046 inches it’s extremely durable and can withstand winds up to 220 mph.

Uses CertiLock™ technology to stay locked together. You’ll never have to worry about storms blowing your vinyl siding apart and having to replace sections—causing mixed colors (from fading).

Premium polymer material which can take a beating. Unlike cheap vinyl siding, CertainTeed’s Monogram vinyl siding is top-of-the-market quality which can withstand an onslaught of UV-rays without thinning and cracking.

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Vinyl Siding over Stucco | Abington, PA