When Should Roof Decking Be Replaced?

When to Replace Roof Decking

NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling has extensive experience replacing residential roofs as a premier roofing contractor serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Over the years, we’ve often encountered customer confusion over what reroofing should actually entail, and some of the most common questions we’ve gotten have dealt with when should roof decking be replaced.

What Is Roof Decking?

Before we provide an answer to when should roof decking be replaced, it’s important to discuss what roof decking—which is also referred to as roof sheathing—actually is. The decking is the layer between the structure of your home and the underlayment and roofing material, and that layer can either be made up of plywood or a composite material like OSB.

Do You Install New Decking When Reroofing a Home?

This is perhaps the most common question and where the greatest amount of confusion lies, and the answer, ideally, is no. If a roof has been well maintained and is fundamentally sound, then when you reroof it, you’ll be replacing the underlayment, which is also known as a weather barrier, the roofing material, such as asphalt shingles, and, if necessary, some or all of the roof ventilation components. If the decking ever becomes damaged and needs to be replaced, then it will be necessary to reroof the home after the new sheathing has been installed.

What Are the Signs Roof Decking Should Be Replaced?

If you ever experience a roof leak or there is staining of interior walls or ceilings, then there is a good chance that some or all of the sheathing needs to be replaced. Holes in the roof are another scenario in which the sheathing should be replaced, such as if sunlight is entering the attic. Other situations where you may need to replace decking include mold in the attic, a sagging roofline, and damaged flashing around chimneys and other critical areas.

How Do You Maximize Roof Decking Lifespan?

When customers ask us when should roof decking be replaced, they’re sometimes surprised to learn that with proper maintenance and a little luck, roof decking may never to be replaced in your lifetime. In order to avoid sheathing damage, we recommend that you schedule an annual roof inspection and perform maintenance as needed, that you replace your underlayment and shingles proactively rather than in response to damage, and that you clean your gutters regularly and replace them as needed.

NexGen Is Here to Help

If you own a home in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and suspect that you may have damage to your roof decking, our roof specialists can perform a comprehensive inspection and provide you with a professional assessment. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment or with any additional questions about when should roof decking be replaced.