What Color Roof is Most Energy Efficient?

Energy Efficient Roof Color

By the 1930s, which is the point when most homes in America had asphalt shingles on them, most roofs were pitch black. Today, while many roofs are still black, there is a much wide range of options. Some of that is simply a matter of aesthetics and personal choice, but there is also the matter of energy efficiency. That leads us to the question, “What color roof is most energy efficient?”.

How Roofs Affect Energy Efficiency

A roof is an integral component of a building envelope, which dictates how energy efficient a house will be. Roofing materials both reflect and absorb heat, and the better they do that, the cooler the attic will be and the easier it’ll be to cool your home. Roof ventilation is also a factor as air circulation keeps the shingles cooler, and adequate attic ventilation is necessary as well.

Understanding the Albedo Effect

The Albedo effect refers to a surface’s ability to reflect sunlight. Sunlight glistening off of snow is the albedo effect in action. Light-colored surfaces naturally have a high albedo. Dark-colored surfaces, on the other hand, have a low albedo and therefore absorb light.

A Lighter Roof Is More Energy Efficient

The logical conclusion therefore is that the lighter the roof the better as it will reflect more sunlight and therefore not get as hot. A white roof would provide you with the highest albedo but perhaps not the curb appeal you want. Still, there are many options between white and black, such as tan, that can have a dramatic impact while providing a great aesthetic as well.

Cool or Reflective Shingles

That said, if you want to choose the most energy-efficient roofing option, you’re better off focusing on energy-efficient shingles as opposed to what color roof is most energy efficient. These shingles, which are often referred to as cool shingles, are designed to be as energy efficient as possible and some even have ENERGY STAR certification. You’ll generally have a smaller color selection for cool shingles but still enough options that you’ll be able to find the perfect look for your home.

Install Energy-Efficient Shingles

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