How to Go About Getting My Roof Replaced?

How to Go About Getting Roof Replaced

NexGen Exterior Home Remodeling is among the premier residential roofing contractors serving New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, and we often encounter potential clients, typically first-time homeowners, who aren’t sure how to go about getting my roof replaced. While it’s generally not a difficult process, it’s one with a number of pitfalls that you should avoid.

Schedule Trusted Estimates

Start with a short list of potential hires, and you can create this list based on recommendations from neighbors and other people in your life or by using an online resource like Angie’s List. Once you have a few contractors that interest you, call them to schedule an estimate, which should be free. A written estimate is not as comprehensive as a written proposal, but it should entail cost-related itemization for permits, materials, labor, cleanup, and so forth. The experts at NexGen always provide free consultations and provide upfront and honest pricing that you can rely on. All information is displayed to you prior to us proceeding with your roof replacement.

The reason why the industry recommendation is to set up at least three estimates is to provide you with a clearer picture of the current roofing industry in your area, which is prone to material cost fluctuations. Having three sets of numbers will help you recognize what’s fair and what isn’t. It also allows you to spot a low bid, which is one of the most common pitfalls when dealing with reroofing for the first time.

Vet Your Potential Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have to be licensed, which requires them to have a local presence in the state and maintain the necessary insurance. Ask for verification of this license and insurance, which all upstanding contractors will be happy to provide. You can learn about the company through their online reviews, but be sure to ask for some referrals, which should be relevant to the roof you are having installed. This is among the most important aspects of learning how to go about getting my roof replaced because following through on these references will give you real and valuable insight into the company that you are dealing with.

Request a Proposal and Sign the Contract

If you’re happy with a particular contractor after the estimate and vetting them, it’s time to request a proposal, which is similar in some ways to an estimate but with more detail. A proposal will provide you with a final cost you count on while also giving you a time frame and other important details. A trusted company, such as NexGen, provides upfront proposals for all materials needed and labor costs that you can rely on. This is also the point in the process that you want to have all of your questions answered, and if you’re satisfied with the proposal and the answers that you’ve received, the next step is to sign the contract and get the job done.

Schedule a Free Estimate

If you own a home in our service area, NexGen would be happy to come out and provide you with an on-site consultation and written estimate without cost or obligation for a trusted roof replacement. You can also call 215-277-7630 or contact us online with any additional questions about how to go about getting my roof replaced.