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Most jobs require multiple expertise. Even when dealing with simpler jobs, like a home siding installation, there are often multiple problems that require a wide range of knowledge and technical proficiency.

This particular job, a home siding installation over old stucco, is a perfect example. There were extras involved that the homeowner needed done, which we were happy to perform,

For example, we removed, reinsulated, and reinstalled an old Bilco door leading to the basement of the home. We removed an old rusty awning over the back door of the home. We installed new outdoor lights for the homeowner. And we also had to rerun the old gutter system that needed realigning for proper drainage.

Home Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is an easier installation process when installing on a wood framed home because you can nail the siding directly into the home’s old exterior walls. But when dealing with stucco over concrete walls, you first need a “nailer.”

As a nailer, we use 1×2 inch furring strips—strips of wood which we can nail directly into the wall. You can’t do this with siding because installing vinyl siding requires finesse or you’ll create waves in the siding, causing leaks, energy inefficiency, and a really awkward look.

After attaching the furring strips to the homes old stucco, we can install the insulation board. Insulation board combined with furring strips gives us a firm base to work with for the best possible installation. Insulation board also has the added benefit of better insulation and an additional water barrier.

Once the insulation board is attached, we can then wrap it in Typar HomeWrap—a water permeable membrane which allows water vapors to escape, while also protecting against moisture passing through.

The last step when installing vinyl siding is installing the siding itself. This involves first installing all the trim work—the j-channel, f-channel, and everything else. After all the prep work, we can then install the rest of the siding—Charcoal grey colored Monogram vinyl siding from CertainTeed.

An exceptional product that’s not only aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, but it’s also extremely durable and affordable.

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