Home Siding Project: Vinyl Siding over Old Stucco | Oreland, PA

As home remodeling experts we’re always intrigued by unique jobs that make use of our extensive knowledge and skills. Take this vinyl siding job for a homeowner in Oreland, PA, for example.

This was a unique job that allowed us to showcase our unique skills. Vinyl siding is traditionally used when covering wood, and stucco is traditionally found in drier, southern climates, so this was a unique situation that required expert knowledge. With our extended experience, we were the perfect contractor for the job.

Vinyl Siding over Stucco (Before 2)

The first problem we encountered was not wanting to remove the stucco. By not removing the stucco—not only did we save the homeowner money—but it also served as an extra water barrier and increased insulation for the home. This created a minor problem, but nothing we weren’t equipped to handle.

For example, one of the most important parts of installing vinyl siding is nail depth. You can’t “send the nails home” because it creates dimples and dents. Instead, you leave the head of the nail out an eighth of an inch. Vinyl siding installation requires precision—the kind of precision you can only achieve by hand nailing.

This is a major obstacle if you want to install vinyl siding over stucco, which is difficult to hand nail into and requires a nail gun (or sore arms and bloody fingers!)

Vinyl Siding over Stucco (After 2)

By attaching furring strips directly to the stucco with a nail gun, however, we gave ourselves a nailer that allowed us to hand nail into. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. We didn’t just install vinyl siding over the old stucco. We also took extra steps to ensure a quality installation.

The first step, after attaching the furring strips, was covering the home with insulation board and then wrapping it with Typar® HomeWrap®, giving the home even more protection from water and increasing the home’s insulation.

Once the home was water tight and prepped, we began installing CertainTeed® Monogram® Herringbone-colored vinyl siding, while also capping all the windows and doors with white heavy gauge aluminum casing.

If you’re looking for a home remodeling contractor, make sure you check us out. It doesn’t matter if there are any extra, or difficult circumstances—like installing vinyl siding over old stucco—that isn’t a problem for us.

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Vinyl Siding over Stucco (After 1)


Vinyl Siding, Energy Efficient Windows, and Seamless Gutters | Chalfont, PA

Here’s a look at a recent large-scale project for a homeowner in Chalfont, PA. We’re proud of the job we did for the homeowner. Replacing the old asbestos siding, inefficient windows, rotted fascia, and outdated gutter system—in short, we gave a solid, but old home the facelift it desperately needed.

The results speak for themselves. (See Below.)

Chalfont, PA - Before 2 - Home Remodeling

As far as remodeling jobs go, this job was pretty unique because of the old asbestos siding. While asbestos is a fantastic insulator and extremely durable, it also comes with significant health risks (if it breaks apart).

But we’re highly experienced and understand the necessary precautions we needed to take and by keeping the asbestos wet, we were able to eliminate asbestos dust from spreading through the air, eliminating the health risk, and resulting in a successful removal.

After we removed the asbestos siding, we finished the demo work by replacing the old, energy inefficient windows with premium, argon gas-filled, double-paned windows from Harvey Building Products®.

These windows are exceptional at insulating your home, while also protecting your family from harmful UV-rays.

We followed that by wrapping all the windows and doors with heavy gauge aluminum casing. By wrapping the windows and doors, we protected the home from leaks in the most vulnerable areas. We also checked the entire home’s fascia for any rotted wood and replaced a few trouble spots—particularly around the garage door.

Chalfont, PA - After 2 - Home Remodeling

The next step was installing the vinyl siding. We began by wrapping the home in Typar® HouseWrap®—a breathable, water permeable material that let’s water vapor escape, but also helps protect the home from water damage.

After finishing the prep work, we installed CertainTeed® Monogram®, Pacific Blue-colored vinyl siding with white trim, which meshes nicely with the home’s stone veneer.

We highly recommend CertainTeed’s Monogram vinyl siding to all our customers. It’s the perfect siding solution for most homeowners: durable, good insulator, very attractive, and also very cost efficient.

Lastly, we installed 5-inch K-style seamless gutters with hidden fasteners—ensuring a sleek, clean look, while also protecting the home’s foundation from soil erosion.

If you’re interested in a similar home makeover, you can contact us here, or take a look at our home page for a complete list of our home remodeling services and get in touch.

Chalfont, PA - After 1 - Home Remodeling