Gutter Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Keep the Water Out!

Gutters are a critical component in a water management system. Wrapping the roof’s edge, they divert rainwater away from the house: Protecting the house’s foundation, mitigating splash back, reducing soil erosion, and helping prevent leakage into the cellar.

Another obvious advantage to gutters is quality of life. Walking through a home’s front walkway during a rain shower is like literally walking through a cold shower. Gutters will catch that runoff and drain it through a downspout.

Installing gutters is also trickier than it appears. They need the correct pitch to effectively drain and not just fill with stagnate water.

Call us today at 215-277-7630, and we’ll properly install and pitch any style of gutter to ensure that you never have any drainage problems.

Types of Gutters

Types of Gutters

Depending on aesthetic sensibilities, there are different styles of gutters to go with different styles of architecture. K-style and U-style (also known as half-round) are the more traditional types of residential style gutters.

Gutters also come in a variety of materials with varying pros and cons:

Aluminum: Less expensive than steel gutters. Rustproof, but still vulnerable to corrosion (mitigated with a proper installation). Long lifespans.

Vinyl: Cheap and easy-to-install. Rust and corrosion proof. But vinyl gutters, under constant exposure to the sun, can have shortened lifespans.

Galvanized Steel: Slightly higher material cost than vinyl or aluminum gutters, but they’re also extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about dings and dents. They’re vulnerable to rust, however.

Copper: Expensive. Provides gorgeous accents on the right home. Traditionally used on historical and luxury homes.

Seamless Gutters vs. Sectional Gutters

Seamless Gutters

Sectional gutters are aptly named, as they're installed in overlapping sections. Those sections are sealed with a silicon-based sealant. They're the least expensive option, but a perfectly appropriate option for many homeowners.

The downside to sectional gutters is that the seams need sealing and, over time, those seams become vulnerable to leaks.

Seamless gutters are a bit of a misnomer. They still have seams, but only around the corners and downspouts. Unlike sectional gutters, however, the limited amount of seams will keep leakage to a bare minimum and improve overall durability and lifespan.

The downside to seamless gutters is their increased cost and difficult installations.

Should I Install Gutter Guards?


At first glance, this might seem like a stupid question. If you can afford it, why not? But the answer is much more nuanced than you might expect.

The benefits of gutter guards appear obvious at first: By keeping out leaves and debris, you’ll eliminate a lot of maintenance—dangerous maintenance. After all, no one wants to fall off a ladder while cleaning out their gutters.

But gutter guards won’t completely eliminate maintenance. They’re great for keeping maple leaves and other large foliage from out of your gutters, but they’re less effective at keeping out small or thin foliage, like pine needles or tiny debris. They require cleaning themselves too—albeit at a less frequent rate.

Gutter Ice Dam

Gutter guards also come with a whole new set of problems. For example, they’re vulnerable to ice dams—those icy buildups around the roof’s perimeter—which are a major cause of roof leakage and water damage.

Depending on the style of gutter guard, they might not even collect all the rainwater either. The smaller the holes, the less water volume they can handle at once. What’s the point of having gutters if they’re not collecting rainwater runoff?

Lastly, gutter guards are expensive. You have to consider how much you’ll save on maintenance by installing them. Do you clean your own gutters, or do you hire a professional to clean them? If you clean them yourself, the cost might be worth the reduced labor. But if you’re hiring a professional, you might just consider having them cleaned a few more times a year.

Whether or not you should install gutter guards is really based on your individual circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Old Gutter

Q: I have old gutters on my home. Can you replace them with new gutters?
A: Yes, we’ll give you a quote that covers removal and disposal too.

Q: Will you replace rotten wood?
A: When installing, repairing, or replacing gutters, we’ll replace any rotten fascia boards.

Q: Will my seamless gutters have seams?
A: Yes, all seamless gutters have seams around corners and downspouts.

Q: Do you repair gutters?
A: We’ll repair any gutter system along with the home’s soffit, fascia, or anything else that needs repairing and/or replacement.

Q: Do you install gutter guards?
A: Yes, we’ll install gutter guards if the homeowner prefers them. Read the above section on gutter guards to determine if they’re a suitable option for you.

Q: Does your Best Price Guarantee cover gutter installation?
A: It covers all of our services.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: Yes. NexGen Exterior Remodeling is licensed and insured in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.